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Why I'm in this Business

I have been in the financial planning business since 2001. I grew up helping my dad at A. G. Edwards. My dad retired last year after 43 years in the business. My brother is also in the business in Lubbock at Merrill Lynch.

I’m committed to making a difference in my clients’ lives and growing their portfolios, so they can pursue their passion in retirement and make a difference in their communities. I like to make my clients’ lives easier. I enjoy being their problem solver. My goal is to be your go-to referral source for service providers, for answering the questions that keep you up at night and to help you pursue your passion in retirement.

I believe if I take care of my clients first, they will take care of me. I will always put your needs first.

I am enthusiastic about having events and seminars that educate you on a wide variety of topics and provide opportunities for everyone to get to know each other better. For instance, I have bi-monthly client breakfasts and other events designed to generate fellowship and networking opportunities for my clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition, I have a quarterly client luncheon for clients in the Amarillo area. I am blessed to have clients a dozen other states.

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