80 Things I Do for My Clients



Financial Planning

Prepare Financial Plans

Help You Determine Realistic Goals

Help You Organize Your Financial Solutions

Help Prioritize Your Financial Opportunities

Help You Understand Your Current Finances

Formalize Your Goals And Puts Them In Writing

Assist You During Financially Emotional Or Stressful Times

Help Implement Financial Planning & Investment Recommendations

Ask Meaningful Questions In Order To Understand Your Needs & Objectives

Helps Monitor Changes In Your Life & Family Situation Through Regular Reviews

Allows You To See Consequences Under Various Scenarios & Visualize Eventualities

Help Educate Your Children/Grandchildren About Financial Concepts & Investing

Help Minimize Your Taxes

Help Create A True Lasting Legacy For Your Family’s Future


Personal Touch

Act As Non-Judgmental Confidante For Important Life Decisions

Act As A Sounding Board For All Your Significant Financial Decisions

Act As Your Accountability Partner

Proactively Keep In Touch With You

Intently Listen To You And Provide Feedback

Genuine Care About You And Your Money

Am Respectful Of Your Time, Family & Wealth

Provides Referrals To Other Professionals Who Can Assist You

Stays Current On Industry Trends/Events So You Don’t Have To

Makes Specific Recommendations To Help You Meet Your Goals

Is Always As Close As The Telephone When You Need Assistance

Simplifies The Complex & Answers Your Financial Questions

Evaluates Possible Alternative Solutions That Could Meet Your Goals

Guide You To Think About Areas Of Your Financial Life You May Not Have Considered

Can Share Experiences Of Others Who Have Faced Similar Situations

Helps Provide Equanimity & Perspective In Both Up & Down Markets

Encourages You To Do What You Know You Ought To, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It


Investment Management

Grow And Manage Your Assets

Review Your Portfolio Regularly

Review Your Asset Allocation Regularly

Research & Screen Investments & Presents Digestible Set Of Recommendations

Suggest Creative Alternative You Or Your Accountant/Attorney May Not Have Considered


Retirement Planning

Help Couples Continually Set Realistic Retirement Expectations

Review Your 401k Allocations

Review Your Insurance Gaps

Create A Steady Retirement Stream Of Income



Invite You To Seminars To Discuss Significant And/Or New Financial Concepts

Educate You Regarding Retirement Issues, Inflation, Long-Term Care, Withdrawals

Educate You Regarding Health Care Concerns, Market Commentary, Estate Planning